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Transmission Repair

When you need your transmission repaired or rebuilt, you need a transmission shop staffed by a results-driven team of specialists. Our auto mechanics are certified to repair both standard and automatic transmissions. They work fast and efficiently to provide top-tier service every time—without exception. Best of all, our car transmission repairs are affordably priced.

We are Soares Auto Repair Ltd. We are the region’s leading transmission experts. And we’re open for appointments today. Call now.

Auto Transmission Repair Inspection

Before we get into the gears, we always begin with an inspection. Our mechanics will utilize a combination of expert knowledge and computer diagnostic systems to assess the condition of your transmission. The inspection will give us the insight to understand exactly where the failure lies and what steps we will need to take to repair it. The cost for transmission repair may vary depending on the results of our diagnostic testing.

The result will be a detailed cost breakdown and service quote. We’re proud to offer accurate estimates that stand from beginning to end. Around here, there are no surprises: only good, honest work and clear prices.

Electrical Transmission Service

Nowadays, most transmissions are a combination of electrical and mechanical components. Our mechanics are trained to perform all repairs necessary to get you back on the road. If you have a computer-controlled transmission—as is likely in an automatic vehicle—you may experience a connection failure or an improperly calibrated sensor. This may cause the vehicle to shift too early or too late. We will perform the necessary repairs to get your electrical transmission back up and running.

Transmission Fluid Change

Alternatively, you may experience a mechanical failure, such as a leaking transmission. In most cases, we can reseal the transmission without even removing it from the vehicle. If the seal is not broken, but the fluid has become contaminated, we will need to replace it. We will change the filter and fluid according to the recommendations listed in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. It’s important to change your transmission fluid approximately every two years.

Transmission Flush

This transmission repair is meant to remove all the dirt, dust, and grime that has accumulated in your transmission. Our mechanics will remove the old oil and replace it with fresh oil. Peak efficiency is right around the corner at Soares Auto Repair Ltd.

Transmission Rebuild and Replacement

In some cases, your transmission will need to be removed from the vehicle and rebuilt or replaced. This extremely specialized work is our specialty. Our mechanics are professionally certified to perform transmission rebuilds that are, in most cases, even better than the original factory models.

Gear Up for an Affordable Transmission Service

We offer affordable and fast transmission repair at Soares Auto Repair Ltd. Over the years, our shop has become known for the amazing work we’ve done. And it’s all thanks to our expert mechanics who are fully certified and have years of experience repairing, rebuilding, and replacing transmissions.

If your transmission is acting up or if it’s outright broken down, bring it to the transmission experts today!

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